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Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering

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Every organization must have AML or anti-money laundering compliance for their employees. This enables companies to train their employees for the detection, prevention, and reporting of any laundering or financial crimes.

HRD courses have the perfect Anti Money Laundering course with certification for professionals who want to have a better understanding of AML principles and regulations. This course will be of benefit to any professional and its certification can increase your worth as a professional as well.

The Anti Money Laundering course by HRD Courses will build your knowledge from scratch as well as help you build upon it. The curriculum of this HRD Course has a variety of concepts like Principles of an effective AML program, Red Flag indicators, KYC and so on which help participants to gain insight into the AML program and prevent any future financial crimes from happening.

The AML course by HRD Courses deals with models associated with Training in AML. This course is designed professionally by industrial experts with the help of industrial examples and case studies to make the courses as practical as possible. After this AML course, participants will be able to apply their knowledge in the practical world with great precision.

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